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How to Increase Instagram Followers


If you want to grow your Instagram followers, there are a few important things to

remember. First, don’t buy fake followers. It’s against the Instagram terms of use

and it won’t help you in the long run.

Instead, focus on building an authentic following by engaging with your followers

and leveraging user-generated content (UGC). Follow these 18 tried-and-true

Instagram growth hacks:


  1. Follow people.

Instagram allows you to follow accounts that post content you like. This is a great

way to discover new content and connect with people. You can also search for

specific accounts to follow in the Explore tab.

Instagram’s algorithm shows you Reels, posts and Stories in your Feed based on

what it thinks you’ll like. If you recognize a creator, or simply dig the content you’re

seeing, tap on the post or Reel to start following them.


Growing your Instagram community requires time and effort. Be wary of shortcuts

such as buying followers or using bots. These tactics are against Instagram’s Terms

of Use and will hurt your engagement in the long run.


  1. Engage with people.

The old personal approach of engaging with followers one-on-one is a solid strategy

for growing your audience, but it can take a lot of time. Plus, Instagram’s algorithm

is whip-smart and weeds out fake engagement.

A stronger approach is to focus on the quality of your images and Reels, keeping in

mind the type of content that your target audience wants to see. Crafting a clear,

compelling message in your caption is also crucial.


Finally, use analytics to assess your performance and tweak your strategies

accordingly. Which metrics you choose depends on your goals and strategy. For

example, brands that prioritize engagement rates typically focus on postimpressions.


  1. Comment on people’s posts.

Having a clear goal for your Instagram account – whether that’s to increase brand

awareness, boost direct conversions, drive website traffic, or something else – helps

you focus on content and call-to-actions that will get you results. It also keeps your

Instagram grid on-brand and ensures that your posts support your business’s vision.

Using relevant hashtags in your posts is another tried and tested way to reach new

audiences and attract more followers. Try researching what hashtags are trending

and then using them in your posts.

Commenting on people’s posts is a great way to show appreciation and build brand

loyalty. This type of engagement also helps your post rank higher in the Instagram

feed and Explore tab.


  1. Share people’s posts.

A new feature on Instagram called Collab lets you tag a person or business in a post

to populate their feeds and potentially draw them in as followers. For example, if you

run a fitness studio, you can take a group photo after a Body Pump class and tag

everyone in it to spread the word about your services.


This strategy works especially well if you have similar audiences and can tap into

trending topics. But be wary of “ghost” followers that inflate your follower count

without any engagement, which can skew the algorithm.

Create and share memes that speak to your audience, repost user-generated

content (see how to do this here), and run engaging contests that attract organic



  1. Like people’s posts.

When you like other people’s posts, it encourages them to return the favor and like

your posts. Plus, it’s a great way to find new followers and engage with other

accounts in your niche.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.

Make sure to only like quality content, as Instagram’s algorithm can detect fake

engagement and weed out spammy posts. Also, try to be consistent with your

posting frequency. Posting more frequently will ensure that your posts are seen by

more people, but don’t overdo it!

Create shareable content, such as memes or a reel that’s specific to your niche. You

can then reshare these in your stories or on your Instagram page to increase reach.


  1. Follow people.

It may take a while, but likes are a reliable way to help grow your Instagram

audience. It’s also a more subtle approach than following or DM-ing people, and it

can help build social proof.

When you like someone’s posts, they receive a notification that you did so and may

check out your account. You can also use an app to auto-like and follow people.

You can also use Instagram’s Explore feature to find new accounts to follow. It shows

you photos and videos that Instagram thinks you might like based on your activity

and the profiles you follow. You can even search by location to find accounts that

post content relevant to your interests.