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How Much Is Disney Plus? 2022 Disney+ Cost Per Month Subscriptions


If you are considering one vs. the other, it’s a similar query to what you face with Netflix. Netflix is much bigger than Disney Plus, as it’s not just focused on what Disney owns, but the price point’s also heftier, with Netflix’s base package starting at $8.99 and ballooning up to $17.99 a month. In fact, it did one of the most wonderful things in Disney history, it killed the Disney Vault. Once upon a time, whole decades passed as families waited for their favorite Disney animated favorites to come to home video. From The Clone Wars and Droids animated series to its big-budget original smash The Mandalorian Disney Plus delivers. When you’re done watching your favorite movie or show, make sure to check out the Extras tab. Of course, any real Star Wars fan understands that watching three entire trilogies is just stretching the surface.

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In fact, if you want to start watching the riches Disney Plus has to offer, all you need to do is sign up for Disney Plus here. Over his nine years of experience covering the audiovisual industry, Steven has reviewed numerous TVs, headphones, speakers, monitors, streaming players, and more. He was one of a select number of journalists invited to get a hands-on first look at LG’s first 8K OLED TV in 2019, and is always excited to check out the newest and biggest displays on the market. You can read our full Disney Plus review for detailed impressions, as well as our Disney Plus review from a parent’s perspective for specific thoughts on the platform’s family-centric features. Read more about Disneyplus.com begin here. The the lineup of original programming has also grown a lot since launch. Popular shows like “Ahsoka” and “Loki” continue to add value, and you’ll need to sign up for Disney Plus to watch them. “Jungle Cruise” was the last movie released via Disney Plus Premier Access.

Because maturity ratings range from G to NC-17, whole families can watch certain content together or adults can stream all the violence, dark comedy or romance they want. For more deals, check out the best Cyber Monday deals you can still get. There’s also a treasure trove of originals including show sets in the Marvel Universe such as Loki, WandaVision and Ms. Marvel. Plus, the wealth of new National Geographics docs shouldn’t be overlooked either.

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While Netflix has a much bigger library of movies and shows overall, Disney+ has so many great choices for children—arguably, better overall than Netflix’s choices—that you’ll find it essential if you’re a parent. Beyond its original series, Disney Plus offers a staggering amount of legacy TV content. The vast majority of these shows are Disney based or from the Disney channel, but there are exceptions. The Imagineering Story, a warm and fuzzy docuseries about Walt Disney. As cool as 4K looks during cartoons and Marvel movies, it helps bring the wonder of nature to life in Nat Geo’s content. Stream documentaries about the history of Pixar and how its films are made, opening doors to the imaginations of children and adults alike.

Fans get excited for exclusive Disney Plus content, but these releases aren’t added on a regular basis. Netflix and Disney Plus have megahits in their lineups but they each handle original releases in their own ways.

So when taking all these factors into consideration, we’ve estimated that Disney Genie+ is really only giving you 2 or 3 more attractions per day than you otherwise would have been able to ride without purchasing it. Each of these attractions costs an additional $10-$25 per person if you want to use the Lightning Lane to skip the standby queue.