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Completely Redesigned iMac with a New Chip: Why Haven’t You Tried It Yet?


Apple has transformed itself by switching out their Intel chipsets for the M1 chip from Apple Silicon across all models including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and even the iMac – a compelling all-in-one computer. The outstanding aspect of the current iMac branded as the iMac 24” is that it is the first Apple product to have been completely redesigned. Let’s take a look at what has changed in this new iMac model along with reasons as to why you should switch to using one.

The iMac Has Changed Completely… Why Have You Not?

The latest iMac’s in 2021 not only comes with an M1 chip from Apple Silicon, but also with a completely new design of up to 7 colors making it fair to say that the iMac has been completely redesigned with a thinner overall exterior from the M1 chip, a System on Chip which allows the device’s thickness to be reduced to only 11.5 mm. So, it won’t be wrong to consider the iMac as the thinnest all-in-one computer.

How Does Intel and AMD Differ from M1?

After the replacement of the original Intel chip with the Apple M1, many are curious as to how the M1, Intel and AMD differ from one another. The main difference is in its architecture, where the M1 uses ARM-based architecture, designed to be small, energy-efficient, longer-lasting, while also requiring less instructions for it to run a certain command. On the other hand, AMD and Intel use x86 architecture which runs multiple commands simultaneously and the cost of using more energy, and being larger in size.

These are the Reasons Why You Should Switch to an Apple iMac:

  1. User-friendly Architecture and Design

The iMac 24” has starting base features of a 23.5-inch Retina 4.5K display, Apple M1 chip CPU, 8GB/16GB RAM, 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD storage, 1080p HD FaceTime camera, a 6-speaker audio system that supports Dolby Atnos, 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 and a macOS Big Sur operating system, available in all 3 models:

  • M1 (CPU 8-core + GPU 7-core) 256GB, 2 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports and Magic Keyboard at a starting price of 42,900 Baht
  • M1 (CPU 8-core + GPU 8-core) 256GB, 2 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at a starting price of 49,900 Baht
  • M1 (CPU 8-core + GPU 7-core) 256GB, 2 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, 2 USB 3 Ports, Gigabit Ethernet and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at a starting price of 56,900 Baht.
  1. 23.5” 4.5K Retina Display

The iMac 24” features a 23.5” Retina Display for clarity and a higher resolution of 4.5K, P3 color gamut, 500 nits of brightness, and Apple’s renowned True Tone technology that adjusts the temperature of the monitor’s display to match that of the ambient light. This makes the iMac suitable for watching high definition videos, or even for image and video editing.

  1. Synchronizing the Power of the M1 with Ventura

Ventura is the latest version of the iOS where adjustments have been made to make basic features smarter, and new features have been added. Examples of these new features include Stage Manager – a new screen operation, easier setup in the System Settings and Continuity Camera to use the iPhone as a webcam for Mac. When this version of iOS is used with the M1 chip, the device’s performance is even more enhanced due to the fact that its hardware, software and silicon are all produced from the same place. Thus, improving both workflow and energy-saving abilities, with an up to 85% faster CPU flow that runs quietly without overheating.

Furthermore, with these two synergies working together, one can smoothly operate various programs such as opening multiple tabs at the same timeSafari, editing photos with a size as large as 100MP with Adobe Lightroom, or adjusting images into layers and vectors with Vectornator.

  1. FaceTime Camera with HD Resolution

The best FaceTime camera ever to exist in a Mac supports online meetings with up to 1080P resolution. The camera comes with an Image Signal Processor (ISP) that processes and enhances video quality, reduces noise and adjusts the white balance and dynamic of an image, as well as a large sensor to detect more light.

  1. Powerful Audio and Microphone system

The iMac 24” comes with a three-microphone array that delivers studio-quality recordings, high signal-to-noise ratio and directional beamforming to reduce background noise. Its speakers feature high-performance tweeters to add depth and balance to sound, allowing you to capture all emotions and entertain yourself to the fullest.

After many years, we’ve finally witnessed a significant makeover for the iMac 24” – a complete transformation both internally and externally. Additionally, this iMac is known for its stability and durability in workflow, making it an All-in-One computer to look out for at present. Considering its specifications and value for money, its complete set of features will most likely be the reason why many are ready to let go of their existing computer or laptop, and easily switch to this All-in-One iMac 24”.